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Employee Training Video Samples

Ideal for companies with remote branches, a training video can save your company money and time. Instead of tasking one of your staff or even bringing in outside talent to conduct training seminars month after month, Vaudeville Pictures can produce a creative training video that is both relevant and engaging for employees.


Illuminate Clinical Study (clip)

CLIENT: Covidien


PROJECT OBJECTIVE: Multi camera production, including a direct feed from the monitor, of the policy and technique included this Ultra Sound study.

RUNNING TIME: 08:00 (excerpt from the half-hour presentation)

The LEGO Watcher 

CLIENT: LEGO Brand Retail


PROJECT OBJECTIVE: An employee, retail-training film, featuring the philosophy of Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor®, to be used by LEGO Stores worldwide.

RUNNING TIME: 03:00 (excerpt from the half-hour presentation)

MEDIUM: Stop-motion, live action, live coverage

We can Lift you up (learning to love the ceiling lift)

CLIENT: The Massachusetts General Hospital PCS Collaborative Governance Skin Care Committee


PROJECT OBJECTIVE: In place of a dry review of policy and procedure this music video set to a popular tune uses original lyrics and satirical visuals to gently encourage the nurses of MGH to use the LIFT.